Hello world!

I’m not sure if anyone will read this other than my cat and my Mum, so if you are not either of those then hello! And thank you for reading! I have been determined this year to improve my sewing skills and become a bit more crafty. I love making things but often procrastinate and get caught up in other less fun and more worky-type things, so I thought I would start this blog to motivate me to get creating and document my progress! I have absolutely no training whatsoever, so pretty much all of my projects are experimental and often disastrous in nature. But it’s all part of the journey, ‘eh?

To kick things off, here is a picture of my first attempt at cross-stitch: a Harry Potter quote for one of my dear friends. We are both total Harry Potter nerds so I knew this would be the perfect Christmas present for her! I used a pattern from Etsy and I really enjoyed doing it. I’ve always preferred hand stitching to machine sewing, especially since I can plonk myself in front of some period drama like The Tudors and stitch away whilst drooling watching.

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

I’m currently part way through a couple of other cross stitch projects, but I completely underestimated how long they take! Hopefully I’ll have them done soon and ready to post.

Over and out! 🙂


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