Burlesque costumes!

It has been a little while since I last posted because I have been a slave to my sewing machine and thimble over the last week! I am co-producing a production for the Adelaide Fringe called Big Band Burlesque (not sure if I mentioned this before – I am a burlesque dancer!) and we had a float in the opening Fringe Parade last night. Some beautiful ladies from our troupe The Gin House Floozies came along to help hand out flyers and look gorgeous, and I made their costumes.


Sorry for the terrible instagram photo! Don’t you think these costumes are adorable? So cute! The skirt I am wearing was made by a local costumer (Anna Perry), but I covered the corset I am wearing and the bra as well. What do you think of our hired muscle? πŸ˜‰


Here I am…still stitching right before the parade! Typical!

Covering the corsets was HARD – I had done this once before but it was stretch fabric. Satin was an absolute nightmare! Still, they worked out pretty well.


So shiny! Here we are with Fez Fanana on the BankSA float.

Big Band Burlesque opens next week, and I still need to put the finishing touches on another costume. Agh! Back to the sewing machine…


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