What I’m working on right now…

Hello everybody! The Adelaide Fringe finishes tomorrow (holy moly!) and I survived! Hooray! 4 and a half solid weeks of teaching, performing, watching shows, partying, schmoozing, and generally living the dream has left me pretty stuffed! It’s been a great experience but I am looking forward to having some “me” time again at my sewing machine.

I have a couple of finished projects to share with you, including…


Madeleine Skirt by Victory Patterns (which was a bit of a disaster) and


The Miette Skirt by Tilly. However, I still need to take some shots so stay tuned for posts about those!

At the moment I have a couple of projects on the go, including a Violet Blouse (Colette Patterns) in this super cute scarab beetle fabricI got from Spotlight, some more adorable outfits for my baby niece Ava, and some burlesque costumes for my students. I’ve also just signed up for a Craftsy course – “Sew The Perfect Fit”, as it’s a skill I really need to learn! What are you working on at the moment? 🙂


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