A fail and a success

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I actually have a bunch of finished projects to show you but I’ve been feeling in a bit of a slump lately and haven’t felt much like taking pics….plus I seem to have lost my camera! Anyway, I decided just to take a few snaps with my mac – hopefully they aren’t too dodgy (urgh they are so dodgy)!


Let’s start with the fail and get that out of the way shall we? I was super excited to make the Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns – and here is what it was supposed to look like:


There’s pretty much no light in my apartment these days (the sun has disappeared – no! Come back Summer!) but here are a couple of close up shots to show you the details:


I was really careful with this make – I made sure everything was cut out beautifully, I pressed all the seams properly, and I was really careful with my top stitching. Granted when you look at it this close it’s a bit wonky, but I’m really proud of it! I freaking love those pockets! I lined them with this awesome print and couldn’t wait to walk everywhere with my hands stuck in ’em.


I’m really proud of the zipper too….look how close that is! Perfect! The button hole is less than perfect….I’m still struggling to master them. Let’s just look at the pretty zip and ignore it….ahhh that’s better.


So, despite being really careful and focusng on getting all the details correct this turned into a fail. Why? Well, I learnt a big lesson in this – there is a difference between pressing and ironing. Oh yes. The fabric for this skirt is denim with a bit of stretch to it, and it creased a lot, which meant I was ironing it a fair bit between construction. Obviously my ironing enthusiasm did not go very well with the stretch in the fabric, because when I finally finished it and put it on – it was WAY too big.


I’ve thought about taking it in, but the only place to do that really is at the back, which will pull the pockets around to the back and past the sides of my hips which I’m pretty sure will look ridiculous. I think I might have to chalk this up to “experience” and see if any friends want it. I could wear it in the hips instead of the waist but I really dislike wearing skirts on the hip (in fact I never do), it just doesn’t work for my figure.

Let’s move on to the success, just to make myself feel better. It’s another Plaintain tee! Hooray!


I love this pattern so much! It’s getting cooler here (hence the dark pictures) so I made a long sleeved version in a heavier jersey that has some Lycra in it. It’s so comfy! I love it! My favourite part about is…….


Elbow patch! This hand printed patch was given to me by an awesome band from Portland, Oregon called The Underskore Orchestra. They play fantastic gypsy swing and jazz, and they played at the swing dancing social I run here in Adelaide. I’ve been sitting on this patch for a while, waiting for the right place to put it. I decided this was the perfect way to jazz up (haha, see what I did there?) an otherwise plain black tee. I don’t even care that it’s assymetrical – I like it that way! This pattern is such a breeze to whip up. The only adjustment I need to make is to nip the waist in a bit as my waist is a couple of sizes smaller than my hips. The neckline is so flattering and it’s a very easy top to wear. I see many more Plaintain’s in my future. Thanks Deer and Doe!


Stay tuned for my next make – a snuggly hoodie!


Lu Tries Deer and Doe’s Plantain Tee

OMG you guys! I made a practical and wearable item of clothing! And it actually turned out! I was very proud of myself when I went fabric shopping, because I stayed away from all of the crazy prints and colours I would normally go for, and just went for a plain, off-white cotton jersey. I love crazy colors and patterns, but it means that I have real difficulty mixing and matching pieces from my wardrobe. This Plantain tee (which is a free pattern – sweet!) filled a hole in my wardrobe and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


This is my “would you like to buy this t-shirt?” catalogue pose.

And hey look – it’s the first picture of me on the blog! Hello! Excuse the pretty terrible quality…I took these with my mac because I couldn’t find my camera.

I made the size 42, and whilst it fit me pretty well in the top half, the cut of the pattern flares way out at the bottom which is really unflattering for my figure. I did a pretty dodgy “that look’s about right” and took in the side seams, so it’s a bit slimmer to the hips. I probably won’t ever wear it without tucking it in to something high waisted, but considering most of the bottoms I wear are high waisted that works for me.


Here’s my ecstatic “I made a tee!” pose

I reeeeaaalllly wanted to make the long sleeved version (it has elbow patches. I’m sold.), but I decided that was pretty impractical considering we’re suffering a heat wave where I live – South Australia. The awesome elbow patches will have to wait until the weather cools down a bit. Overall, I’m really pleased with how this turned out and I was surprised at how long it took me to finish, just over an hour or so. I think I’ll probably bang out a few more, but I might try a different pattern just to mix it up. Maybe the Renfrew since that seems to be pretty popular around the blogosphere. I’m feeling confident after this success. Hooray!


Oh you want a crazy closeup? HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOO!