Slouchy, comfy, birthday PJs!

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you, I have been sewing up a storm! I seem to have gotten into a rhythm and now I can’t get away from my sewing machine. I’ve got lots to show you, but it doesn’t seem to be making it up on the blog because I really dislike taking photos of myself. I promise I’ll get some of my makes up soon though!

For now, let’s look at some slouchy, cozy pyjama’s I made for my Mum’s birthday!


My Mum Avril loves babushka dolls (she has an amazing collection of them!) so when I saw this super warm and soft fleece from Spotlight I knew I had to make some PJs out of it for her. It feels so nice, I kept stroking it as I was sewing (yeah Mum, sorry, that’s a bit creepy). I used McCall’s 5992, views B and E. There’s a cute dog coat included in the pattern that I plan on making for her two Jack Russell’s – haha!


Overall the pattern was okay. The only issue I had was that the sleeves were ridiculously long, I had to size them down a lot. The pattern didn’t call for piping but I really wanted to give it a go because I am crazy ambitious a go-getter and I thought it would give them a nice finish. I was surprised by how easy it was actually! I used a piping foot and made the piping using bias strips. I had a a bit of difficulty with the finishes of the piping, but if you don’t look too closely it’s not too obvious.


I’m really proud of the buttonholes – I feel like I’ve got the hang of them now! They’re a bit wavy but neat. I attempted some pattern matching on the pocket, but I think the shirt front must have been a bit off when I cut it, so the pocket is a bit crooked. Oops.


Look – I’ll show you the insides! I don’t have an over locker, and I really wish I did after this make! The fleece doesn’t fray but I just love the finished look you get from overlocking. I zigzagged the seams to neaten them up a bit, so I guess that will have to do.


The one thing that really annoyed me about this pattern is that the facing doesn’t extend all the way to the back of the neck – it stops at the shoulders. Maybe that’s to keep bulk down? It seems though there is as much bulk on the sides of the collar as the back though, so next time if I make this I will probably draft a back neck facing. Unfortunately I ran out of time to do it this time (darn piping!).


The trousers are just plain trackies with an elasticised waist. I added some piping in the side seams to jazz it up a bit. I ommitted the drawstring because I forgot to leave a gap for it in the waistband, and then I realised I didn’t actually have any fabric for them. Oh well. The only thing that went wrong with these is that I made them too short! Oops!


Overall, I’m pretty proud with this make. In the actual construction of it I was stressing out about all the imperfections. Normally I’d not worry about what can’t be seen but because I was making this for someone else they all seemed magnified about 10 fold. After looking at these pics though, I feel better about it. I’m actually amazed at myself – I only started sewing clothes a few months ago and this would have been really daunting to me in the beginning. Yay! Go me!


I also got my Mum tickets to see The Rocky Horror Show which is playing in Adelaide at the moment. It was amazing! We had such a great time. Here’s an instasnap of us with a cardboard Columbia. The blouse I’m wearing is actually one I made myself! I should blog about that next.

Happy birthday Mum! I hope you like your PJs 🙂




Geranium Dress for Ava

Sorry that it has been a while since I’ve posted everyone! The Adelaide Fringe Festival is happening at the moment so my entire life has turned into performing, watching shows, eating, (some) sleeping then rinse and repeat. I’ve had very little time for sewing! But my season finished on the weekend so hopefully time will be a little easier to come by. Here is a cheeky pic of me with some audience members in the costume I made for the show! If anyone is interested in more details about the costume I can do a post on it.

But moving along to my latest completed project – a teensie weensie dress for my beautiful niece, Ava! I actually finished this a little while ago but I had to delay my post until my sister received the parcel in Townsville where she lives.

Isn’t it adorable? I love little kids clothes – they make me all clucky 😉 I used the Geranium dress pattern by Made By Rae because I had read good things about it. This was the first time I have made a piece of clothing for someone else and it was a good motivator – I was very careful and patient with all the steps to get it just right! The fabric was actually used to decorate the tables at my sisters wedding last year when Ava was still a baby bump – so I kind of liked that!


This was also the first time I had lined something – and it was really neat to practice on something miniature! I’m really pleased with how it turned out – I do wish it was a little bit neater around the armholes (there is a bit of puckering there) but on the whole I think it worked great. I finished the dress with French seams in the hopes that this would be nice on the skin rather than zig-zagged seams as I don’t have an over locker.


There were a lot of firsts for me with this dress – it was also my first attempt at buttons and button holes. I’m sad to say that the button holes are not very neat – I just realised that I don’t have a picture of them, but they are not very straight or even! Fortunately the buttons themselves are really cute and they kind of hide the dodgy buttonholes. I used flat buttons so that it would be comfortable for Ava when she is lying down. You can see that the edge of the bodice doesn’t quite line-up. I adjusted the buttons a couple of times but unfortunately this was as close as I could get it because of the dodgy buttonholes I had sewn. Ah well – if my sis and Ava likes this dress I might make a couple more, so hopefully I’ll get it perfect next time!

Hopefully Ava likes it (and her mum too!). What are you all working on at the moment? I have a couple of things on the go, including Victory Pattern’s Madeleine skirt and Colette Patterns’ Violet blouse. More on those later! Bye for now!



I’m a little bit obsessed with bunting at the moment. For Christmas I made some for my mum to hang under her verandah, for my 1 year old niece’s new nursery, and for my aunt to hang in her new beach house. It’s just so festive and colourful!
Beachy themed bunting for my aunt’s house.

I love that I can usually get a few triangles out of scraps from other things I make, and it also means I get to buy all the awesome printed cotton with ridiculously cute designs that I could never get away with wearing. Jarryd and I are getting married at the end of the year (yay!) and we can’t have a wedding without bunting! So I’m sewing triangles whenever I can so that we have a huge amount of bunting hanging over the festivities! I’ve been thrifting old kids sheets for fabric because they often have colourful patterns and designs.

Above is my current stash of triangles. I really get over doing them after a while! As you can see, I don’t need any more pink fabric!

Mollie my kitty loves sewing bunting too…

What are your favourite DIY party decorations?


Hello world!

I’m not sure if anyone will read this other than my cat and my Mum, so if you are not either of those then hello! And thank you for reading! I have been determined this year to improve my sewing skills and become a bit more crafty. I love making things but often procrastinate and get caught up in other less fun and more worky-type things, so I thought I would start this blog to motivate me to get creating and document my progress! I have absolutely no training whatsoever, so pretty much all of my projects are experimental and often disastrous in nature. But it’s all part of the journey, ‘eh?

To kick things off, here is a picture of my first attempt at cross-stitch: a Harry Potter quote for one of my dear friends. We are both total Harry Potter nerds so I knew this would be the perfect Christmas present for her! I used a pattern from Etsy and I really enjoyed doing it. I’ve always preferred hand stitching to machine sewing, especially since I can plonk myself in front of some period drama like The Tudors and stitch away whilst drooling watching.

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

I’m currently part way through a couple of other cross stitch projects, but I completely underestimated how long they take! Hopefully I’ll have them done soon and ready to post.

Over and out! 🙂