I’m a little bit obsessed with bunting at the moment. For Christmas I made some for my mum to hang under her verandah, for my 1 year old niece’s new nursery, and for my aunt to hang in her new beach house. It’s just so festive and colourful!
Beachy themed bunting for my aunt’s house.

I love that I can usually get a few triangles out of scraps from other things I make, and it also means I get to buy all the awesome printed cotton with ridiculously cute designs that I could never get away with wearing. Jarryd and I are getting married at the end of the year (yay!) and we can’t have a wedding without bunting! So I’m sewing triangles whenever I can so that we have a huge amount of bunting hanging over the festivities! I’ve been thrifting old kids sheets for fabric because they often have colourful patterns and designs.

Above is my current stash of triangles. I really get over doing them after a while! As you can see, I don’t need any more pink fabric!

Mollie my kitty loves sewing bunting too…

What are your favourite DIY party decorations?